Dales Ponies in England
In September of 2004, we traveled to England  where we visited several farms and selected four mares to bring back to the U.S. Here are photos of some spectacular Dales Ponies we saw.
Jeff Daley's gray mare and '04 foal
Sunnybrowe Prince and owner, Mr Daley, president of the Dales Pony Assoc.
Bob Corner's beautiful mare
Charlie Parker breeds the rare roan colored Dales Ponies at his Heritage Farm Center in Cumbria. Charlie uses his Dales Ponies for "snigging" - draging lumber out of the woods - and for working with traditional horse drawn farm equipment.
Nigel and Sue  Webster's  horses on a beautiful hillside in Cumbria
Colliery Commando, owned by Dennis Urwin. We are expecting 3 foals in '05 by this magnificant stallion.
Colliery mares and foals
Strickland's Jim owned by Dennis Urwin