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This page was last updated on: 12 October, 2020
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Brymstones Quincy is by Dykedale Duke out of Swayfield Kim. He is black with one white sock and a star. The Duke/Kim combination always produces a beautiful foal with a loving disposition and fabulous movement. Quincy is no exception! He is curious and fun. Quincy leads well, is learning to stand tied and to behave for the farrier. He loves to be groomed and handled.
Brymstones Bonny John is by Colliery Commando II out of Bonny Val.  Colliery Commando II was the Grand Champion Stallion at this year's stallion show in England. Bonny Val has been a wonderful family horse performing on the trails and in the show ring and over fences. Bonny John is cute, cute, cute. He has a wonderful personality, loves people and is very confident. Learning to lead and tie, he is a quick learner and fun to work with.
We have two beautiful Fjord colts this year and we couldn't be happier with the out come. Both colts are by the imported Norwegian stallion, Prydarson, North America's top rated stallion. These foals come from some of the best lines available.  Horse breeders say, "Breed the best to the best and hope for the best". These two are the best we could hope for. The embody true Fjord type, top conformation, dynamic movement,  calm, quite dispositions and a personable nature.
We had four extrodinary colts IN 2005. Four were out of our newly imported mares by England's top stallion, Colliery Commando II. We will be keeping one colt, Brymstones Tennyson, for our second stallion and another colt, Brymstones Trystyn will be traveling to Colorado as a foundation for a new breeding farm of Dales Ponies.

Bryhyl Per (left) and Bryhyl Wolfson (right)
Bryhyl Per is by Prydarson out of our Dutch imported mare Hertel. Hertel has received top marks by Dutch and Norwegian evaluators and is an outstanding driving mare.
Per is a dark, rich color. He is a beautiful, fluid mover with natural self carriage. Per is sweet, calm and kind, a pleasure to teach and handle. Family or pleasure horse or both, Per has unlimited ability.
Per is also stallion quality.
Bryhyl Wolfson is by Prydarson out of Bryhyl Aryel (Solar). Aryel is a top performer in competitive driving and an fabulous riding horse.
Wolfson is named for Pat Wolfe, owner of Prydarson and a dynamic contributor to the Fjord Horse in North America. Wolfson has beautiful and athletic movement. He is curious, confident, beautiful and has the potential to be a top performer and is stallion quality.
Bryhyl Wolfson (left) and Bryhyl Per (right)
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Brymstones Trystyn is by Colliery Commando II out of Croxdale Beauty, one of the mares we recently imported from England. Trystyn is solid black, no white markings at all. He has a "look at me" presence, beautiful, floaty movement and an incredibly sweet disposition. Trystyn is sold and will move to Colorado in the spring.  SOLD
Brymstones Tennyson is by Colliery Commando out of Hillcrest Treasure. Tennyson carries the blood of Stainton Commando, one of the best performing stallions in England. He gets style from his father, height and substance from his dam. His incredible disposition, he inherited from both. We have hopes that Tennyson will mature into a wonderful stallion to perpetuate the best Dales qualities in North America.