The Brymstone Mares
All of the Brymstone mares have impeccable bloodlines and representing the best of Dales Ponies from England. Our mares are selected for quality conformation, athletic movement and quiet temperament and trainability. Libby and Kim were are first mares,
Sunnbrowe Libby is by Moorend Jock,  out of Whitworth Lady Jane. She is black with two white hind fetlocks and a small star. She stands just under 14.2. Libby has the solid, flat bone, desired by Dales breeders and long silky feather.
Her foals inherit her lovely conformation and easy going nature.
Brymstone Megs by Dykedale Duke out of Sunnybrowe Libby at 5 months old. As an adult pony, Megs rides and drives and is an all around pleasure. Owned by Julie Mealo
Swayfield Kim is by Swayfield Prince out of Whitworth Supreme Star. She stands 14 hands, has a small star and white hind fetlocks. Kim is a remarkable mover with dynamic suspension at the trot. She is shown here with her 2004 colt Brymstone's Sterling by Dykedale Duke
MARES FROM ENGLAND    In the fall of 2005, we were able to travel to England and bring home four beautiful mares. Our thanks to Dennis Urwin, owner of the Colliery stud and breeder of exceptional Dales Ponies
Croxdale Beauty by Hett Brown Boy out of Bonny Val. Beauty stands 14.2. She is as close to perfect in conformation as you can get. All black with a few white hairs on her forehead.  Beauty foals always have a special presence.
Bonny Val is by Moorend Jock out of Dora V. She is 13.3 hands, has white markings on her right hind and a star and snip. Val and her foals inherit the wonderful disposition of Dora V and become wonderful pleasure ponies.
Colliery Jewel  is by Strickland's Jim out of Colliery Cath. She stands 14.2 and is all black except for a small white marking on her rear pastern. Jewel foals have her height, substance and dramatic movement.
Hillcrest Treasure is by Hillcrest Prince out of Millgate Queen. She stands nearly 15h and is all black.  She has a 2005 colt by Colliery Commando,
who is the UK DPS 2005 Stallion Champion and a beautiful 2006 colt by Duke. Treasure  is as kind  a pony as you could find. Her foals inherit her kindness and size.
Canadale Smoke Gets in Your Eyes  aka Smokey is by Dartdale Freddie out of Sowermire Louise.  Smokey is the most recent addition to Brymstone Dales and ads some color to our herd.  Smokey' foals are compact, high steppin' and sweet tempered.