Briar Hill Farm Photo Albums
Fjords Out & About!
Demonstration, exhibition, and competiton photos
Zoe & Marcy
ISO Tall Dressage Gelding...
Bryhyl Aryel & Susan
GMHA Wheelrunners, Woodstock '02
Mommas & Babies
The cutest Fjord foals around!
Farm Candids
Fjord Smooches and more
TTEAM Clinic '02
Our 5-day clinic led by Edie Jane Eaton, with Lucy Leclerc and Marcy Baer.
The rest of the family
Bjorn & Livy, our Elkhounds; JD and Jake, the house cats; Alice & Hailey Begonia, the barn mousers.
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Bella & Baer
Woodstock '00 & '02